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Project management job growth in 2017-2027

Anderson Economic Group (AEG) on behalf of the PMI provided a research on project management jobs in 10 years period up to 2027.

The 33% growth up to 88 mln job positions in project management (different roles) is forecasted with simultaneous growth of revenues to $105k annually.

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Why projects fail? Murphy law…

Why well-organized, equipped, and managed projects fail? Murphy law? Psychological factors? Attention to details?
I recommend a very useful webinar:–Murphy-s-law-

PESTEL and SWOT business analysis to improve project success

Mr. Brad Egeland posted Business analysis for project successabout implementing business analysis tools in analyzing project business case.

Implement PESTEL and SWOT analysis to estimate project goals.


PMP holders earn 20% more

According to a survey of almost 25000 project managers all over the world the average annual income of non-certified managers is $91000, while the PMP holders earn about $111000.

The research is available at:

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PM2 – overview of a EC Council project management methodology.

About a month ago the PM2 (Project Management Methodology) was approved by EC. The new standard actively implements both waterfall and adaptive project management models.

I consider the following as the main advantages of this new standard:

  • It is short and simple;
  • Standard is separated from tools and techniques; and from Portfolio management as well;
  • Clearly described roles;
  • Impressing clear for understanding illustrations;
  • It’s free!

After the short introduction and basic description in Chapter I, basic definitions and standard area are defined in Chapter II:

  • Project and project management definitions
  • Project Support Office
  • Project, programme, and portfolio management areas;
  • Project environment
  • Project manager competencies.

The third chapter contains general overview of project management methodology based on five-phase model:

initiating – planning – executing  – closing – monitoring 7 control.

Each phase is described in a classical way: inputs – tasks – outputs.

Adaptive (Agile) approach is described in a special Appendix E. PM2 and Agile, while interaction between project and portfolio management is in the Appendix D. PM2 and Portfolio Management. I consider this kind of description very precise and clear for understanding and implementation.

The fourth chapter describes typical project roles:

    • Project Stakeholders
    • Project Organisation and Roles
    • Appropriate Governance Body (AGB)
    • Project Steering Committee (PSC)
    • Project Owner (PO)
    • Solution Provider (SP)
    • Business Manager (BM)
    • Project Manager (PM)
    • Business Implementation Group (BIG)
    • Project Core Team (PCT)
    • Project Support Team (PST)
    • RAM (RASCI) — Documenting Responsibility Assignments

I am very impressed with clearness of roles description.

Chapters from 5th to 8th describes the consequent project management phases: initiating, planning, executing, closing, and monitoring and control.  The management phase descriptions are separated from tools and techniques, which are described in details in Appendix C  Project Management Tools & Techniques.

Appendix B contains structure for the main project documents:

  • Requirements Management Plan
  • Project Change Management Plan
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Issue Management Plan
  • Quality Management Plan
  • Communications Management Plan
  • Change Log
  • Risk Log
  • Issue Log
  • Decision Log


SMB IT companies use social media to grow their business

The recommends the IAMCP mentoring framework article:

Key dates for revised PMI standards  announced key dates for new versions of PMBOK, Standard for Program management, and Standard for Portfolio management:

  • June, 26th – July, 26th: PMBOK 6th Guide public discussion and review
  • 3rd-4th quarter 2016 : drafts of Standards for Program and Portfolio management to be published for review
  • 3rd quarte 2017: PMBOK Guide 6th official launch in 10 languages
  • 1st 2018: PMP certification update for new version

PMBOK 6th coming soon

The PMBOK 6th edition coming soon. The Standard for Project Management is to be published by April, 6th. Next 30 days experts discuss it, and next PMBOK 6th draft would be published.

PMI published main news and differences. And the preliminary process table with changes marked is below:



Combining Waterfall and Adaptive practice in IT projects