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Each company works with projects – more – as project companies. or less – as in functional organizations. We use projects (and sometimes programs) to achieve concrete goals:

  • create new organizational structure;
  • create new product or service; implement software,
  • build a house or a bridge or a factory, and in many other cases.

Project consulting is a service that provides a customer an independent view and approach to organize and manage projects in its company in the most effective way.
The project consulting service includes a wide number of sub-actvities,depending on company’s branch, scale, role of projects in business. Our PMP and PgMP certified consultants help you to go through organizational changes in the most effective and cost-loss way.


How does it work?
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Step 1. Project consulting usually starts from a serie of interviews with company stakeholders.
We identify company goals, and role of projects in the life of an organization.
Step 2 usually deals with interviews – formal and informal – with the wide range of stakeholders, employees, sometimes customers’ and suppliers’ representatives.
Step 3 includes environment analysis: market, best practices, technological possibilities. Usually steps 2 and 3 are parallel.
Step 4. Working in close collaboration with key stakeholders and company experts we develop a project management structure, and a set of appropriate procedures.
Project management structure may include a PMO structure, its role and responsibilities; project or matrix management model; decision management model and environment recommendations;
PM authority.
Procedures usually contain:
RACI templates; PM role authority template; communication procedures with functional departments; project charter, WBS, HR Plan, schedule, risk and quality management plans, and project postmortem analyze templates.
Also common project documents such as milestone report, weekly report; project internal diary; communication minutes template and others.
Step 5. A project aimed at organizational change is kicked off
Step 6.
A pilot starts
After a pilot we analyze its results with stakeholders, implemenr corrective actions, and then
Step 7. Implement the new project management structure throghout the company, including staff presentation and training.

 We guarantee a sustain period of 3 – 12 months to support the change and make it effective!

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