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IT plays an extremely important and sometimes leading role at modern companies. Creating IT services for a certain company is a very specific task, depending on company branch, scale, maturity, geographical and international diversity. Though there are a lot of common things: steps, approaches, processes, processes and documents templates that are appropriate for many companies and their IT departments.
Our task is to help our customers and their IT departments to find their own right way in this labyrinth according to world-wide approved best practices: ITSM, MOF, IEEE – and our own 10+ years successful  experience.
  1. Building company’s IT strategy starts with research of current state, and includes formal questionnaires and informal interviews with stakeholders and IT staff.
  2. Aligning business and IT, developing IT strategy, and detailed first steps. Approve with stakeholders.
  3. Develop procedures, document templates and staff demands
  4. Provide pilot, train staff
  5. Implement new IT management structure into production
  6. Sustain its work for 3+ months, including necessary consulting and correction actions. Milestone: Stakeholders approve documents


Example: Usually the first step in building ITSM in a company is development of regular Help|Service Desk structure to provide support of current IT services and their users. Main task of a Service Desk is to provide users’ support and services stable operations.
To build company’s Service Desk we follow a number of predefined steps:
  • Collect and analyze information about current state of IT infrastructure and support, user and customer satisfaction.
  • Develop maps of  business and IT processes and align them.
  • Develop service catalogue and SLAs
  • Develop Service Desk structure, including Incident and Problem processes and procedures, templates, tools requirements. We take into consideration all aspects: current IT and organization maturity, branch of business, users’ computer skills, geographical diversity, and many others
  • Create internal operational guides, KPIs for the Service desk personnel
  • Implementing hard- and software tools
  • IT staff training
  • User community training
  • Launch pilot for 1 or 2 business departments
  • Rework necessary items after a pilot period
  • Launch service desk into production
  • Sustain the Service desk work for 3-6 months

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