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 If your business is at the start point or launching for new markets all your efforts are targeted at your product or service. We provide your business a valued organizational support to find partners and investors, as well as raise maturity of internal processes:
  • basic templates FREE!
  • develop business plan for your company. You may present it to a bank, an investor or a partner;
  • develop procedures, templates, operational documents for internal use and audits;
  • launch external marketing and client oriented activities.
  • prepare a company and/or staff for international certifications by the leading vendors: ISO20000, PMBOK, EXIN
  • register your company in partner programs with leading world companies and professional communities: Microsoft, EXIN, PMI, IAMCP, Samsung
  • developing company style and brand book

Free video how to create a  a valuable business plan on Vimeo: [vimeo 107620897 w=300 h=210]

How do we work:
  • mainly we work online to save your time and money!
  • first online session is always FREE!
  • we interview an owner or key staff members
  • next, we estimate the volume of work and sign an agreement
  • we develop documents prototypes, establish necessary research and interviews
  • documents re-works iteratively to agree with your plans, bank or investor demands
  • we deliver final versions to our customer as pdf files and ppt presentations
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