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Success story (Petralex)

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Update: New success – The project of implementing Petralex for lifelong learning for people with hearing impairs won the Microsoft/IAMCP P2P contest:

While some developers are making yet another game to make people spend money, the others are using the capabilities of smartphones to make the lives of people with hearing disabilities more comfortable and better. I am proud to work with the IT4You team as project and portfolio consultant. These guys have developed and continue to improve the brilliant technology which allows to use a smartphone or Windows-based media for people suffering hearing problems. A person may use it instead of special devices for hearing aid and one can use the application absolutely for free. It’s great honor for our company to work together with IT4You team and help 10% people (according to World Health organization) and their families and friends make life better.

Watch the webinar recording about Petralex and cases of implementing in learning from primary schools to lifelong training centers:

This application called «Petralex Hearing Aid» is available for free download in App Store, Google Play, and as a Windows-based application.


Download @ App Store

Petralex Hearing Aid

Developer: IT ForYou

Price: Free
Download @ Google Play

Petralex Hearing Aid

Developer: IT ForYou

Price: Free


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  1. […] united the efforts of the Specialist CCT as the leading training center and IT4You, ISV, in a partner project which involves hard-of-hearing students into lifelong learning process. […]

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