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Orders and payments

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Q: How can i pay for service, training, or e-documents?
A: You may choose any way suitale for you and your company:
– fill in the form at a webpage with product description and we send you an invoice;
– pay securely by credit/debet card.

Q: How long does it take to proceed my payment?
A: It depends on payment method:
– if you request for an invoice we send it in 2 working days. After you pay it usually takes 1-2 banking days to receive and validate the payment;
– if you pay by credit/debit card the Paypal service guarantees its receipt during 2 banking days.

Q. Do you confirm the payment receipt?

A. Yes! We confirm it by e-mail during 2 working days. If you worry, or any delay proceeds, don’t hesitate to contact us by web-form from the main page, or phone (370 675 91047), or at our facebook page.


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