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Basic start-up project documents

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1. Business plan template. Here you can find a detailed template and create a bright business plan for your project, present it to potential investors and partners. Start-Up_Business_Plan_Content

2. Business plan presentation:

3. How to Protect your Brand and Innovation. By Ron Zink from Microsoft Corp.

4. Business Model Framework: StartUps_BusinessModelFramework

5. Stakeholder management. View the presentation and find stakeholder management templates:

6. Stakeholder analysis matrix: Stakeholder_Analysis

7. How to develop Software/App requirements specification:

8. An external check list for meeting or job minutes: Kick-off Meeting Check List (c) Mr. Mike Ardano.

These basic documents and examples are fully free, but you may thank us with 4,99Euro:
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Special offer by the Mentoring framework project
The Mentoring framework project (the IAMCP members initiative) unites training and consulting companies and individuals to offer start up teams free business, management and marketing knowledge.

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