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PMBoK 6th is available

The new PMBOK sixth edition is available now.

It contains a Project management Standard and Practice Tools and Techniques.

Different project models such as waterfall, phased, iterative, and adaptive are described. The Agile practices are separated into an additional Practical Guide.

The new knowledge area – Knowledge management – expanded the Execution process group.

Time management is Schedule management now, and

Human Resource management became simply Resource management, and it covers management of all types of resources.



In memory of Prof. Lotfi Zadeh

On Sept. 6th Prof. Zadeh had died. He was the founder of a new branch in math: the fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic theory. Very sad.




Fill your PMP application correct

At Templates page there is a link to a template, which helps to submit a candidate’s project management experience for PMP application. It calculates number of symbols, working hours, and is well-structured.



Upcoming changes in PMP certification

The PMI has announced the changes in PMP and other Project management certifications in connection with PMBOK Sixth is available since September, 6th.

The main change is a new chapter concerning project manager’s leadership skills: communication, team skills, business strategy understanding, and others.

Some updates concern new terminology and chapters renaming.

The exam update is announced in Q1 2018 with more strict date coming soon.


Project management job growth in 2017-2027

Anderson Economic Group (AEG) on behalf of the PMI provided a research on project management jobs in 10 years period up to 2027.

The 33% growth up to 88 mln job positions in project management (different roles) is forecasted with simultaneous growth of revenues to $105k annually.

Welcome to our courses and consulting become a valuable part of the PM community!

Developing virtual and blended learning metgods for specific courses and student groups based on fuzzy analysis

“Modern Fuzzy Control Systems and Its Applications,” 978-953-51-3390-2
Chapter “Implementing Complex Fuzzy Analysis for Business Planning Systems” : deals with the author’s (our main contributor) experience in developing virtual and blended learning metgods for specific courses and student groups based on fuzzy analysis.


Why projects fail? Murphy law…

Why well-organized, equipped, and managed projects fail? Murphy law? Psychological factors? Attention to details?
I recommend a very useful webinar:–Murphy-s-law-