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Grow Your Business Through Effective Partnering with the P2P Maturity Model

Webinar Series:

There will be three webinar sessions:

  • Feb 6 – Introduction to successful partnering – the P2P Maturity Model


  •  Feb 20 – Deep dive in how to become GREAT in P2P and how to win deals!


  •  March 6 – P2P workshop, member’s Q&A around how to improve their P2P!


Introduction to successful partnering – the P2P Maturity Model

Would you like to…

Increase your market share? Strengthen your reputation? Increase your competitiveness and profitability?  Accomplish it all with successful partnerships. Research from IDC proves that Microsoft Partners will become more profitable and grow faster when they specialize and partner with others when their solutions demand skillsets that they do not have in house. According to the channel partners, partnering activities are valuable because they increase:

  • Sales/marketing coverage in current and new geographies
  • Solution-specific expertise
  • Customer-specific knowledge and expertise
  • Industry-specific expertise

Join Per Werngren, Tech Investor, Entrepreneur, Advisor, P2P Evangelist as he introduces you to the P2P Maturity Model through a series of webinars.


Video: how to fill in the PMP application

I recommend the video at youtube. Great done!

12 PM trends in PM in 2018

The Project Management magazine published 12 main PM trends in the new year.

They are in brief:

  1. Artificial Intelligence in PM
  2. Wearable/mobile technologies
  3. Hybrid (Waterfall/Agile/Iterative) technologies in PM
  4. EQ
  5. PMO as a PM driver in an organization
  6. Kanban boards for lean PM
  7. Analytics including AI implementing
  8. Cybersecurity projects
  9. Women in PM
  10. Autonomous Vehicles
  11. Remote teams
  12. More worl for project management roles: up to 15+mln. by year 2020, and up to 88mln. in ten years by 2027!

Join our trainings and Project consulting telegram channel to improve your PM skills.