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Empowering IT start-ups

Enjoy the IAMCP webinar “Empowering IT start-ups” Recording.

Join our Mentor in the Mentoring program!

PMI Standard for Program Mangement 4th Edition is upcoming


On January 13-15, a conference discusses the new standard. The main change is evolution from process- to principle-based platform to fix program management best practices.

The Q3 in 2017 is an announced period for the Standard readiness.


We are Mentor in the Global Mentoring framework by Microsoft Corp. and IAMCP

Per Werngren, IAMCP Worldwide President, says:

The IAMCP are proud to announce that, together with Microsoft Corp, we are launching an exciting project that is about our seasoned members mentoring our lesser experienced members. 
As the IAMCP is all about successful partnerships, we see that this will become a huge success for everyone involved. Mentors and Mentees will build strong relationships that will, in many cases, result in knowledge sharing both ways, business partnerships and potentially also investments. This brand new program taps into some of the key pillars of IAMCP focus – P2P, Community, Education and Growth.
Goals for the IAMCP Mentorship Program are:
Help Mentees to get to Gold in a Cloud Competency.

Help Mentees to increase growth and profitability.

Help Mentees to base their offerings on top of cloud services provided by Microsoft.”

Everyone interested in being a Mentor or a Mentee should answer this brief survey to register: 

Agile in pictures

World Demand for Information Technology: When, Who, Where

The TBKConsult presents a brilliant research on the geographical dispersion of demands to IT technologies in the world.

PMI Standard for Program Management v.4 pre-release

The PMI(r) announced that the PMI Standard for Program Management v.4 pre-release would be available for review and discussion between mid-September and mid-October 2016.

Agile as a Problem Solver

Read an excellent vision paper by Mike Cohn: “How to use Agile Beyond Software Projects“.

You learn how to solve problems using Agile-based approaches.

SMB IT companies use social media to grow their business

The recommends the IAMCP mentoring framework article:

Key dates for revised PMI standards  announced key dates for new versions of PMBOK, Standard for Program management, and Standard for Portfolio management:

  • June, 26th – July, 26th: PMBOK 6th Guide public discussion and review
  • 3rd-4th quarter 2016 : drafts of Standards for Program and Portfolio management to be published for review
  • 3rd quarte 2017: PMBOK Guide 6th official launch in 10 languages
  • 1st 2018: PMP certification update for new version

P2P business for IT SMB companies

P2P business for IT SMB companies: