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Successful collaboration with key stakeholders

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The closest date: April, 15,2015, 5 pm (UTC).

Format: on-line webinar, duration 2 hours, including Q&A sessions. Documents’ templates for free download.


Starting a project is a complex task. The most part of future problems have their roots in the lack of an initiation procedure. So one of the main tasks while initiating project is to collect, analyze and balance a wide range of requirements from different stakeholders. By aligning stakeholder requirements, constraints and assumptions, we make our project goals realistic and achievable.

At the webinar you will learn how identify stakeholders, collect their requirements, resolve conflicts, and finally create the stakeholder requirement matrix and define project goals.

The course is based on the PMBOK v.5 “Stakeholder management” knowledge area and PMI Business Analysis syllabus.

Important! 1 PDU is granted for webinar attendance, proved with a certificate (category B for PMP/PgMP/PMI-BA).

Presenter: Danil Dintsis, Ph. D. (in System Analysis and Management in technical systems), IT manager with 10+ years’ experience, including projects and portfolios with Microsoft, Citrix, Siemens Telecom. Certified specialist in Project management (PMP®), IT service management by EXIN® (European Information Institute).

Seminar audience

  • Business stakeholders and shareholders
  • Project officers
  • Project managers
  • Business analytics
  • Project staff

You will learn:

  • How to identify stakeholders – both individuals and organizations
  • Which and how to use tools to collect stakeholders information
  • Analytical tools
  • Stakeholder register matrix
  • Stakeholder requirements matrix

After seminar completion You receive:

Seminar detailed program

# Title Description/Content Duration, min.
0 Introduction
  •   About the course
  •   About a trainer
  •   Students’ brief introduction
1 What is project and   project goals
  •   Define project
  •   SMART goals
2 Project goals,   assumptions and constraints
  •   Business oriented goals
  •   Assumptions
  •   Organizational, environment, technical and other types of constraints
3 Stakeholders are the   main source of information
  •   How identify stakeholders
  •   Types of stakeholders
  •   Internal|External Stakeholders
  •   Good boss vs bad boss
  •   Stakeholder’s influence on project goals, processes and results
5 Tools to collect and   analyze information and opinions
  •   Brainstorming
  •   Delphi
  •   Internal policies and procedures
  •   External regulations and agreements
  •   Ishikawa diagram
  •   Mind maps
6 Analyze requirements   and align project  goals, constraints   and assumptions
  •   Stakeholders’ influence
  •   Stakeholder register
  •   Define goals, constraints and assumptions
7 Resume 10
Total 2 hours
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