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For hard hearing learners

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The Ismanusis Mokymas (Smart learning) in cooperation with the IT4YOU charity Foundation offers special application for students with hearing impairs.

View the webinar recording with the following topics:

v How have we blended technology into lives to include assistive

v What are some needs of persons with hearing disabilities?

v How is the Petralex/Dectone App helping to meet these needs?

v How is the Petralex/Dectone App being used in education?

The Petralex Apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and the Petralex driver for Windows(r) are the specialized but simple software which adjusts audio signal on-line according to a person’s individual hearing and environment noises.

Lead for educational organizations:

We offer our clients – PM and ITSM virtual learners with hearing impairs – use the Petralex App for better hearing of training, lectures, on-line materials, and also to protect your hearing. It’s very simple:

1 step. Install free App or Windows driver following the appropriate link below.

2 step. Pass “in situ” hearing test in your real environment (home, class, workplace, or anywhere else)

3. Turn on the Petralex App and select appropriate hearing profile.


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