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Here you can easily find our free webinar recordings and webcasts. Search by tags or enjoy our fresh posts below:

  • Help desk scheduling models:
  • What IT Service catalog is (spoiler: a restaurant carte)
  • What Virtual learning is:
  • Implementing waterfall and agile in IT project:
  • A brief but full of useful information webinar about organizational change management.
    What is the «organizational change»? Small or Huge? How can we manage it?
    Organizational change management from I-Mokymas on Vimeo.
  • Software project management:
    Software extension for PMBOK from I-Mokymas on Vimeo.
  •  Our presentation at the Vilnius University Institute of Applied Mathematics and Informatic on training methods for adult lifelong trainings.
  • How can a start up team  create a valuable business plan on Vimeo
  • PMP and PMI CCR updates. Free webinar

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